Timeless Towns & Haunted Places


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Thirteen years in the making, NSPS's opus is finally semi-fit for human consumption.

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released January 7, 2014

Written, produced and performed by Jeremy Mathews

Deni Bonet — viola and violin on “If You Aren’t Psychic,” “Funnier with a Laugh Track” and “Shadowcaster”

“Furious” Joe Irvin — drums on “Election Day Blues,” “Abortable Adoption,” “Side Effects,” “If You Aren’t Psychic,” “For You,” “Down a Hole,” “Rome,” “Constellation Poetry” and “Uncomfortable Chairs”

Aaron Leitko — bass on “Election Day Blues,” “For You” and “Shadowcaster”

Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering

Design by Janean Parker

Recorded at Sweet Pixie Studios, 1999-2013

Visit NSPS at www.nsps.net

© 1999-2013 Jeremy Mathews
Nutra Stick Productions • Salt Lake City, Utah

Unauthorized duplication is easy, but generally frowned upon in this day and age of dog-eat-dog capitalism.

Special thanks to everyone credited, plus Stephen ‘Stüf’ Coles, Dennis
Fano, Dave Howell, Lance Johnson, Nick Johnson, Naresh Kumar, James and Janice Mathews, Jessica Mathews, Sarah Morton, Steven Pecchia-Bekkum, Michael Rose, Brent Sallay, James Ruff, Luciano Marzulli Vargas, Rosa Vissers and everyone I forgot.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Election Day Blues
It’s all over town that it’s on the news
That you screwed up again and you’re gonna lose
And it’s all in your house with your heater and lights
That keep you warm during boring nights

But what difference does it make?
’Cause it was more than you could take

And it’s pretty clear that you
Will have the Election Day blues
Once again

You know that you promised you’d see them there
At your victory party, but you don’t care

‘Cause it seems that you are bound
To always be pushed around

And it’s very clear that you
Will have the Election Day blues
Once again
Track Name: Abortable Adoption
You were your new mamma’s joy
For a couple of minutes
Then the fertility drugs kicked in
The biological girl
Said you were gonna be punished
So you might as well sin

And now you’re out the door
In the pouring rain
And you swear that you
Will never be back again
But you’re still in town
In the local jail
Because the mom you knew
Decided to turn you in

When you went to the store to
Buy instant love
But it cost too much
So you stole it

Well you can never pick favorites
Between who’s been inside
But that adoption could be aborted
If she doesn’t say it
You still know what she’s thinking
From how her face contorted

And now you’re on the way
Hope your boyfriend’s home
But he doesn’t want
The thing that you need the most
And you’re on the road
In a stolen car
Wearing stolen shoes
That won’t walk you very far

And you went to the store to
Buy instant love,
But it cost too much
So you stole it
Track Name: Side Effects
I got herpes from an airport bathroom
‘Cause they ran out of seat covers
I got herpes from a man from France
Who never knew me, we weren’t lovers

I got the STD, but I never had the sex

I’m hungover from generic NyQuil
And my head hurts from a mugging
My boss asks me where I’ve been, I don’t know
So I say so, while I’m shrugging

I got the STD, but I never had the sex
Got the side effects, but no comfort from the drug
Lost something I dug and it’s always haunting me
I got the STD
Track Name: If You Aren't Psychic
I can play this piano hard
Bringing pain to my joints
But if you aren’t psychic
What’s the point?

I try to put it in words,
Try to put it in song
But it just doesn’t get through

I might think of it in bed,
Forget before it’s penned
But it will never get to you

If you aren’t psychic
I will stop my stand
And I’ll leave this dream
And I’ll become a man
All work and crying
Wet and damaged hands
Never really following
All of life’s commands
If you aren’t psychic
If you aren’t psychic

I can’t play this piano hard
Bringing pain to my joints
‘Cause if you aren’t psychic
What’s the point?
If you aren’t psychic
What’s the point?
If you aren’t psychic
What’s the point?
Track Name: For You
I wrote the song for somebody else, but I changed the lyrics for you
I found the key to keeping good health is finding something new

And I looked into your eyes
While your name was Jill
I felt so ill when you died
So ill when you died

I sang for the wrong soft, silky face, but now I’m seeing the light
I just needed a slight change of pace, and now I’m feeling alright

And I shouted out your name
While that name was Anne
But you ran off just the same
You ran off just the same
Track Name: The Art of Packing
The art of packing isn’t judged based on what you bring
But what you don’t forget
Before you realize that you need it for something
That hasn’t happened yet

And there are lonely paintings in museums
That are passed without a glance
And there are lonely paintings in the world
That never got a chance

And I’ve seen paintings that won’t last too long,
Shot to death by means of flash
And if they hadn’t made art history
They might not be so thrashed
Track Name: Knife
I have a knife
It isn’t sleeping
I say goodnight

Held in the night
Softly reflecting
The stolen light
From the day

So often I’ve been asked
“Where you think you’re going, boy?”
Now I finally know

I have a knife
It isn’t sleeping
I say goodnight
All the same

Held in the light
Softly reflecting
I hear it call
Out my name
Track Name: Down a Hole
You’re dizzy
You stumble around
Who is she?
You fall to the ground
Just crashing

Onto the floor
Down a hole, down a hole
That’s going over to the sea
That’s in the well
Beneath hell, beneath hell
That always looks for a wish
And there aren’t even fish to eat them

It gave me
What I had not had
I’m crazy
But not at all mad.
Just laughing…

And everything goes through a hoop
As the world goes on through its loop
Unless we jump the hoop and say
That we will not just fade away

Into the pore
With your goals down a hole
And never getting to the sea
Not doing well
Down in hell, down in hell
Where you can watch your last wish
Swallowed by lava fish that eat them

No, we’ll go…
Track Name: Funnier with a Laugh Track
Millions of people
Treat you like a god
They ignore the evidence
That proves you’re a fraud
And as long as those people
Ignore what they see
Your show will go down in
Even though it’s not funny
Since it’s made lots of money

And it’s funnier with a laugh track
On a mid-sized TV screen
When you’re stumbling through innuendo
And you don’t know what it means
And you don’t know what it means
Why don’t you just come clean?

Millions of people
All stand up and cheer
Not based on what they see
But on what they hear
From the digital audience
That laughs and guffaws
In a manner as genuine
As your fatal flaws
But the flaws aren’t killing you
But those who think it rings true

Right now you look bad
Call your post-production man
He ought to come fix it
As fast as he can
Track Name: Pheromone Cologne
The mountain rolled across the town
While I stared at your evening gown
And the sky sailed across the sun
Yet I could have been anyone
And so I ordered some

Pheromone cologne
Pheromone cologne
Gonna make you want me
Pheromone cologne

My old smell didn’t impress you
And so I’m trying something new
This scent will make you want to flirt
This scent will make you lift your skirt
With your senses blurred

Pheromone cologne
Pheromone cologne
Gonna make you want me
Baby, can you smell it?
You’ll want what you can’t see
You can’t even tell it
Pheromone cologne
Track Name: Dimly Lit
I found a little spot in the sun
I stare right at it and no tears will run
And it don’t care
That I stare
Nor does anyone
They all let me have my fun
In the dimly lit sun

I found a little spot in a tree
High up away from all the joy and glee
And it’s a way
That I can play
And no one can see
And if they could I’d still be free
In the dimly lit tree

And everything has a price
So I’m willing to write a song in a small town in Scotland
On a park bench dimly lit
Even if I’m still jet-lagged in the morning
And the song turns out to be shit
Get back!

And now I’m heading home on a plane
Cramped isolation frays my tortured brain
While they all sleep,
I sit and weep
That I can’t complain
I don’t have enough disdain
For the dimly lit plane
Track Name: Rome
If we build Rome in a day today
No one can ever use the cliché again
And if we stay in dream while the empire wakes
No one will have to pay for their mistakes

If you end up lost in time today
Trade your sundial for a watch to find your way
And if the gods won’t work ‘cause we changed their names
We’ll build a pantheon for who really makes our day

And then we’re going down to the forum
Wearing megaphone masks to reach everyone
And we’re going to apologize for all the empire’s done

When word got out that the empire fell
It couldn’t have been true
Now could never turn to then
But then came Caesar and then more Caesars
But we could start again
Let’s try it again

When word comes that the Christians are on the way
We’ll lock up the art and let none of it escape
And ensure that two thousand years from today
Our descendants won’t be feeling too much shame
Track Name: Sunburnt and Bruised
Sunburnt and bruised, you scratch to the door
To tell the mailman not to knock anymore
As the door cracks, the shadows break out
But you can’t stand in shade as your nerve system shouts

“Keep me in
But set me free
Please peel the skin from your body
Then fan it cool
And hide your arm
Where nobody can do it harm”

You always said you’d try anything twice
Now your bald red head regrets rolling the dice
To soothe your skin, you bathe in white paint
Now you look like an angel, but just talk like a saint

Who says “Keep me in
But set me free
Please peel the skin from my body
So I’ll be here,
Without alarm,
‘Cause nobody can do me harm"
Track Name: Shadowcaster
It’s an ugly little sight
When you fall from a building
And see everybody else’s lives
Flash before your eyes

It was quite an ugly game
When your hands moved light to look like fame
But made all the selfish dreams you had
As meaningless as your life

And it was quite a sad story
That you told of upcoming glory
Before no one came to share your light
Or shine a little on

Oh, and then you disappeared
I can recall it so clearly

When your three friends found you that night
They did not find you well
The shadowcaster looked for light
And found a fiery hell

You got into a fist fight
It was clear that you’d been drinking
And that everything was all your fault
And all useless lies

It’s an ugly little sight
When you fall from a building
And see everybody else’s lives
Flash before your eyes
Track Name: Constellation Poetry
All the sad people are waiting in line to read their poetry
And they’re young, but they’re mad
‘Cause they can’t ride the horse

That flies through the night when all the star-skewed lines link in harmony
If you connect the dots
As it ought to be done

According to the people who named them
Struggling to see how the stars made sense

Because something
Can’t be nothing
How could nothing
Simply leave us to waste time?

But those waiting
To read writing
I was talking
About in the beginning
Are still standing in line

They're still standing in line
Track Name: Uncomfortable Chairs
They kicked Shakespeare out of school to make more time to teach you to consume
That is all I could think of as I sat alone moping in my room

Not knowing if it helps that I might see you there
As I’m walking through this circus that thinks it’s a fair
And the only thing I’m sure of is there’s a place where

There are uncomfortable chairs that they charge you to sit in
Something I’ve been in before

They want to force kids to pray, but you can’t swear while crashing your canoe
And sometimes you’re like that, but you admit it, smiling, when it’s true

And maybe every movie is good, like you say
And maybe every year contains mostly fine days
And even if you’re wrong, I still don’t have to pay

For the uncomfortable chairs that they charge you to sit in,
And I will be in no more
Track Name: Too Many Millenniums
They celebrated one year early
Now that the time’s come it’s lost all meaning
A megaphone with a mustache
Is giving a garbled speech
I only make out one thing

There have been too many millenniums already

Who can rule the world
And ever?
Who can change the world
And ever?

The prophet’s body is on the floor
He’s holding the tool that led to his demise
The pool of blood clots so oddly
And makes a metric damn that
Sings sweetly with doey eyes

There have been too many revolutions already

The dinosaur keeled and asked, “What did I do?”
The hunched ape said to the lake, “Hey, who are you?”
The computer erased its memory banks
And asked, “Why am I programmed to give you thanks
When there have been too many millenniums already?”

I see the future in my sink, it always spirals there
In always the same way
The rain is pouring through the roof’s hole
And straight down the drain
And that’s how it will stay

There have been too many millenniums already

Who can rule the world
And ever?
Who can change the world
And ever?
Track Name: The Snow
The day the snow came
It covered all the great white roses of the garden
That are leaving for the great beyond, but they don’t belong there
They belong stranded on this planet, providing beauty
Until the snow melts and it drowns us to start a new thing

We’re travelling down
And travelling down
And travelling down
The river

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